Greetings Love Lighters!

I’m Matt Crux a Introspective Luminary Inventor Leading a Cultural Evolution of Spiritual Awareness and Higher Creative Harmony within people’s lives by Virtue of Phoenix Love. A Spiritual Society Evolving Lives in aspects of…

  • Creative Conscious Empowerment
  • Personal Development
  • Will Power & Self Worth
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Chakras & Crystals
  • Art, Music & Dance

This Society will serve as the catalyst to humanities evolutionary growth! Phoenix Love will host events dedicated to helping souls find direction, as well as focus in their lives by breathing new possibility into their minds eye and breaking down negative patterns of belief that have held them in a position of despair and fear. We are coming together teaching people positive power and heart felt passion through the Healing Arts.

Recreational Art Centers

My vision is to open recreational art centers around the World where people will be able to create art and music for free while expressing their hearts desire! We will host activities for people to learn about Art, Music, Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Health, Exercise, Nutrition and more. We will create these art centers so people will rediscover themselves by finding their own creative ability and power so they will transform their lives in a more positive direction and understanding of who they are as a human being. These centers will teach people how to socialize and not be fearful of communicating with strangers. Once you can get past talking to random people and not be fearful, the doors begin to open and you quickly realize there is nothing stopping you from creating your highest vision into a full fledged reality.

Healing the Homeless

Phoenix Love will organize free events for the homeless who’ll enjoy vegan food, uplifting music, various healing arts such as massages and gong sound healing to cleanse their souls energy. We will provide various types of arts for them to experience and explore their hearts content. Activities will include painting, drawing, jewelry design, music, vision board making and more. There will be art teachers helping with technique and free flow to inspire. Public speakers will talk about personally developing their lives with love as a result shifting this planet into a higher conscious reality of positive empowerment. Consequently shining light on the potential of the human spirit. Rising from the depths of despair into a heavenly mind of a new dawning delight which is love inside. We are Phoenix Rising Igniting Love Lighters Hearts!