Thank you to Paradox Interactive & Colossal Order with Chirpy Wallpapers!

I would just like to give a BIG thank you to Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order for developing and producing the game Cities Skylines! Without their game I would not be where I am today. It was through their game that I was allowed to get out of my depression, be creative again and live my life to the fullest. Being given the opportunity to make an Art Deco Content Pack for the game and earn money let me finally get my own place and develop a business of my own. will be the platform to propel other artists and authors dreams to higher states of elevation! I made these sweet Chirpy wallpapers using Illustrator and incorporating words that relate to the game and fonts that relate to the words. So please download and enjoy at your leisure! Thank You Everyone who has helped me get this far in life, including all the fans that have supported me. I will be back soon uploading free content for the workshop, I took a long absence to re-evaluate and re-organize my life. So keep a look out and enjoy the freebies! Click each image to see full size version to download.

chirpy-wallpaper1 chirpy-wallpaper2

chirpy-wallpaper3 chirpy-wallpaper6

chirpy-wallpaper4 chirpy-wallpaper5