Abstract Alien Artwork titled “Alien Kiss” – Spray Paint Art Expressing the Galaxy!

This spacey galaxy of interdimensional vibrations opens up a world of exploration. When starring intently you will find two aliens kissing each other in the cosmos. There are a circle of planets encompassing the larger aliens eye as if it were the center of the paintings gravitational force. The art is encoded with a foreign [...]

Primordial Abstract Art titled “Soul Window” Expressing the Universal Window of Creation!

A Psychedelic Soul Window looking into the primordial essence of the Universe. The fiery passion that exists in all things melding together and creating pure existence through this magnificent inferno of transmutation. A lot will be found when gazing upon this primordial abstract art that is sure to touch the soul. This started out as [...]

Musical Heart Memory – Collaboration Abstract Heart Painting through Passionate Explosion!

I started this piece when I first go out of my 5 year depression and was meant to go to someone special whom I liked. I would paint on it each time I though special feelings about the person to express my love for her. It turned out however that she didn't like me as [...]

Sun Spray Paint Art- A Energetic Explanation of the Physical and Spiritual World Extra Long Title to See How This Will Look on the Page and Expand the Boxed Bar for Visible Fixes of CSS code

Take a look into the abstract nature of this sun spray paint piece I titled Sun Atom. It resembles an abstract Sun as well as an Atom and explains the physical and spiritual world as I see it. I explain more about how people are tied to the physical world and are looking to fill [...]

Listen In Depth Explanation of Acrylic San Pedro Painting!

Hear me explain in depth detail about my artwork San Pedro Falls and how it connects to the subconscious energy field. Go on a wild journey of knowledge and truth with this beautiful san pedro painting. Learn how things are connected on a deep level and hear the story of mystical delight. I painted this while I [...]

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