Phoenix Arts Festival Mural & Music with Commentary by Matt Crux

This past weekend was truly a great moment of artists coming together and collaborating at the Phoenix Arts Festival which was planned by Hugo Medina and was located at the Phoenix Arts Center. Many artists gathered to express their talents onto large boards to create a connected collaborative mural all while being able to enjoy musicians throughout the grounds. Many vendors and people enjoying the sights and sounds to bring Phoenix to higher state of cultural artistic evolution.

I was blessed enough to attend the first day and ask if I would be allowed to paint with all the muralists but was told that they were full. I asked Hugo if anyone cancelled to please give me a call. They did however let me paint on Friday on the public collaboration paintings which I did on all 4 of the boards. The next day Hugo sent me a text saying that an artist called out and I was allowed to attend Saturday and Sunday and paint my own mural with everyone else. I was more than thrilled to accept and immediately packed my things and headed out.

On the last day I brought all my art to showcase in front of my mural as well as my camera and recorded this video. I hope you enjoy the artistic creations from these lovely souls as well as my commentary of peace and love towards all.