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Phoenix Love Vision!

Matt Crux!I now welcome to Phoenix Love! You are the reason for this websites existence. Hello, I’m Matt Crux a Introspection Luminary Inventor leading a cultural evolution of spiritual awareness and higher creative harmony within people’s lives by virtue of Phoenix Love. A Spiritual Society Evolving Lives in aspects of Creative Conscious Empowerment, Personal Development, Self Worth, Will Power, Yoga, Meditation, Chakras, Crystals, Sound Healing, Dance, Music, Art and magnificently more! This society will serve as the catalyst to humanities evolutionary growth! Phoenix Love will host events dedicated to helping souls find direction, focus in their lives by breathing new possibility into their minds and breaking down negative patterns of belief that have held them down in a position of despair and fear. We will come together teaching people positive power and heart felt passion through the Arts, Music and Fashion.

You Are Free to Join a New Conscious Community!

Come along to discover the Magic of Amazing Authentic Friendships & Love! Help Create a Sensational Society that Inspires & Evolves Souls Now! Feel Connected to Humanity, Offer the World Your Gifts, See Love within Yourself, Give Gratitude For Life! ~Matt Crux

Inhabitantz Art Centers!

I am working on a vision to open recreational art centers around the world where people will be able to create art and music for free while expressing their hearts desire! We will have many activities for people to attend as well. Classes on Art, Music, Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Health, Exercise, Nutrition and much more will be offered. I will create these art centers so people can rediscover themselves by finding their own creative ability and power so they can transform their lives in a more positive direction and understanding of who they are as a human being. These centers will teach people how to socialize and not be fearful of communicating with strangers. Once you can get past talking to random people and not be fearful, the doors begin to open and you quickly realize there is nothing stopping you from creating your highest vision into a full fledged reality.

Healing the Homeless!

Phoenix Love will organize events around the United States in various cities and eventually expand to other countries as the vision grows bigger. Hosting gatherings for the Homeless in which they will attend for free and enjoy catered food, music, and healing arts to cleanse their energy and souls. We will Provide various types of arts and crafts for them to experience and explore what touches their hearts. Some art activities will include painting, crystal/trash wire wrapping jewelry, music, drawing, bead jewelry and collages to name some things. They will have access to one canvas and be told be told that they can keep whatever they make. There will be art teachers helping with technique and free flow by letting go to heal the soul. I personally will publicly speak to the homeless at these events explaining that they can keep these paintings they’ve made and be instructed to go out on the street to sell their artwork and then invest whatever money they made on art supplies for themselves to start creating more art to sell. Through this process they will learn about how to make money on their own, learning some responsibility along the way and get out of whatever depressed state they may be in. They are sitting on the streets wasting away so why not teach them to be productive by making art that fulfills their soul and brings new creations to light. They will be told that paintings they make at the event may be eligible to be sold on PhoenixLove.net if the quality is up to an acceptable standard being given 50% of all sales made on their artworks. This means two things, it makes it so that PhoenixLove.net remains a quality art site of homeless art but it also teaches the homeless that life will not just be handed them and that if their art is not up to a quality standard that to just keep practicing and developing their skills until we feel the art is good enough to sell. It teaches them that anything worth having in life must require patience and practice. They can have their own page on the website with any artworks they make and we will take the photographs and photo edit them to fine tune the colors for print all free of charge. Phoenix Love is a foundation for people to find their own inner Phoenix and burn brightly to shine upon the World!


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